Daily Rentals

All spaces are 10'x10' and include a 4'x8' table. Just find a space that doesn't have a RESERVED sign, set up your merchandise, and start selling! It's so easy!

Rent is collected by an attendant at your space every morning. For fast service  please have money ready!

We are open from 7am-4pm on Fri, Sat, and Sun. Saturdays are the busiest!

Fridays-     All spaces are FREE!

Saturdays- Outdoor spaces are $5.00

                  Indoor spaces are $9.00  

Sundays-   All spaces are FREE


Monthly Rentals

 All spaces are available for monthly rental. Monthly rental is $35 per space and includes a RESERVED sign so others can't set up on your space. This entitles the monthly renter to use the same space every weekend on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at a discounted rate. Rent is paid to the attendant by one payment at the beginning of the rental month. Storage units (8'x16') are available for only $25/month to eliminate the hassle of moving your merchandise every weekend!

For more information please call 864-223-3045

Greenwood Flea Market

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Greenwood SC Flea Market
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